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The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has warned about the dangers posed by smart security cameras, as well as baby monitors.

I thought fitting a smart lock would be beyond my limited DIY capabilities, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Apple’s key goal with HomeKit was to make smart home devices secure. The UK government has announced it wants to play its part in achieving the same thing by requiring all devices to meet three simple security requirements.

In order to keep your home safe there are several things you can do to reduce the risk. Please read on for more details.

Next time when a guest enters your house and is in the vicinity of a smart speaker - say Alexa; then you better alert them in advance that they are virtual assistants in a home that could be carrying eavesdropping.

UK households are increasingly adopting the smart home experience according to the third report from EY’s annual digital home survey of 2,500 UK consumers. Yet many are worried about security implications.

When it comes to IT security, businesses have more to worry about today than just IT hacking threats. One stolen laptop could jeopardise a company’s most precious data exposing both their customers and employees.

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