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The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has warned about the dangers posed by smart security cameras, as well as baby monitors.

The UK is preparing the official launch of a specialist cyber force that will target terror groups and hostile nation states, it is being reported.

Apple’s key goal with HomeKit was to make smart home devices secure. The UK government has announced it wants to play its part in achieving the same thing by requiring all devices to meet three simple security requirements.

The government has launched a consultation aimed at improving the IT security of the UK economy.

The Ministry of Defence are looking for a head of profession for more than 3,000 military and civilian technologists.

British businesses are at risk because they cannot find people with much needed cyber security skills, new research has shown.

Less than an eigth of NHS staff would be comfortable with a large multinational technology company analysing patient data, according to a study from YouGov.

The House of Commons is looking to hire a director of cyber security, with responsibility for advocating best practices to lords and MPs.

The government thinks the ability to remain anonymous online is important and has no intention of introducing laws banning social media users from hiding their identity, a minister has indicated.

Hackers are 'no longer winning the cyber crime war' following years of public and private investment and cross-industry collaboration, said KPMG's global head of cyber futures David Ferbrache.

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