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It may not be obvious, but the spread of information on computer networks is like disease processes.

There is no shortage of people presenting themselves as security experts. Some of them truly are, the others may or may not be, here are some tips to help you to delve deeper.

If businesses want to seriously wan to reduce he risk of data breaches and remains secure, they must commit to employee cybersecurity training.

As Covid-19-related cybersecurity threats continue to multiply, three in four of home workers are yet to receive any cybersecurity training.

An advanced persistent threat (APT) is a cyberattack executed by criminals or nation-states with the intent to steal data or monitor systems over an extended time period.

CISOs around the world expect a serious lack of global cybersecurity talent which will worsen in the next five years, according to a new poll by global executive search firm Marlin Hawk.

The UK’s cyber security industry is currently enoying a three-year boom, with the number of active security firms in the UK growing by 44% to 1,200 since 2017.

Cyber security is an exciting and varied endeavour, below you will see a details of popular certifications along with links to hundreds of Q&A's at IT Security Centre UK.

There are two awards on offer, with each giving cyber security companies police/BSI accreditation for a year.

As organisations are investing more and more in new technologies, data thieves constantly try to find devious and clever ways of penetrating even the most well-protected systems.

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