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Best Cybersecurity Practices for 5G UK Implementation

Written by  Guest Contributor: Colin Marks - Cyber Security Specialist Feb 28, 2020

For businesses wanting a fresh approach to their cybersecurity education practices following the rollout of 5G, here are some helpful tips that can help to make a real difference:

  • Be persistent: a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not effective. Trying to fit all the key training into one annual refresher course is not only outdated but an unhelpful approach. More importantly, it misses the need to reiterate to employees the cyber threats they should be aware of and the best approaches to spotting malicious websites and messages. A more proven approach is teaching training skills in short bursts that last no longer than a few minutes and is done throughout the year and helps address new risks as they arise.

  • Make it mandatory: training needs to be consistent and done in regular 30-day intervals. By making it a company-wide practice where everyone understands the best preventive methods, the goal of safeguarding against threats becomes a significantly easier process.

  • Being creative and perhaps quirky with how you approach training has been proven to help with retention. We learn better when the material is relatable and so incorporating personalities, recurring characters and injecting a sense of humour can have a more lasting impact rather than having training which is dull and at worst forgettable.

phishing attackAlso see: Best Practices To Protect Against Phishing Attacks

Cybersecurity isn’t bulletproof, but enterprises should try their utmost to prioritise it when incorporating 5G into their business plan. The main objective is to prevent common human error mistakes, while tightening up security across the business.
Preventing Ransomware: Understand, prevent, and remediate ransomware attacksamazon uk

5G has the potential to help employees work faster and be more productive. Putting security training and best practices for 5G at the heart of the rollout of the new technology will help ensure the cybersecurity team doesn’t face unnecessary challenges due to simple human error.

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