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Certified Ethical Hacker v10 UK Question of the Day #212

Written by  Feb 02, 2020

Ken, a system administrator at TPNQM SA, concluded one day that a DMZ is not needed if he properly configures the firewall to allow access just to servers/ports, which can have direct internet access, and block the access to workstations.
Ken also concluded that DMZ makes sense just when a stateful firewall is available, which is not the case of TPNQM SA.
In this context, what can you say?

A. Ken can be right since DMZ does not make sense when combined with stateless firewalls
B. Ken is partially right. He does not need to separate networks if he can create rules by destination IPs, one by one
C. Ken is totally wrong. DMZ is always relevant when the company has internet servers and workstations
D. Ken is partially right. DMZ does not make sense when a stateless firewall is available






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Answer C




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