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Choose The Right IT Support Package For your Small UK Business

Choose The Right IT Support Package For your Small UK Business

IT support choices for small businesses can be overwhelming as there are so many different options and packages available.

The prices and levels of service can be too little to cover your business needs or they can be extremely comprehensive and expensive, leaving you wonder what on earth is the right choice for your business.

Often times you would need to commit to binding contracts that may not fully understand or are simply not suitable for your business.

Before committing yourself we can look at your real world business needs and do a thorough assessments of what level of IT support you need and align your business requirements with the level of investment that you are willing to commit.

What you actually need

For some small businesses basic levels of support can be enough to cover your needs and don’t require large investment. We will explain exactly what you will get for your money and the ways in which you can support yourself without more outlay. There will still be a risk factor which is unavoidable, but with regular backups and updates to your systems these risks can be minimised.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive package with a larger amount of monthly investment, which may include remote support, remote backups and 24/7 support we can recommend established companies that can help you with this.


Our aim

Is to get you started without all the technical jargon and explain your options in an understandable way so that you can feel confident about the right choice for your business.

To be wary of

We have found that small businesses sign up to packages they don’t really understand and buy them because its ‘better safe than sorry’, but then fail to understand exactly what they have signed up for.

This can lead to quite expensive monthly costs to your business and you end being unsure of what IT support you actually have and if there are additional fees for phone or email support for example.

The initial cost can seem low for the per user costs but that is not always the whole story and additional fees can easily mount up.

For example you may see a price of £20 per user, per month which seems like a great price, if you have 10 employees, the total cost would be £200 per month and your IT support is covered.

But what is covered? Can you contact them 24/7? Will they support all your business needs? Will you have to pay extra costs for remote support, site visits and disaster recovery?

We are here to help

Don’t panic! That is what we are here for, we recommend an IT support provider or you have one in mind we can go through what they offer step-by-step, so that you fully understand what you are paying for. How much support you actually get for your monthly fee and what the likely extra costs will be to your business.

We work independently of the IT support providers, although small commissions will be paid to us from certain providers as a means to earn revenue for us and to offer you a service that we know to be reliable. After all we would not recommend any company that cannot fulfil its promises, as that we just bad business.

If you have done your own research and you have found a provider that you like, but you need an explanation of what you are getting and the limitations of the contract that may not be highlighted to you we can help.

This is where are independent view becomes invaluable because we can fully understand what is being offered and point out the advantages and disadvantages of any given IT support agreement.

If you would like talk to us or arrange a personal visit (Covid-19 compliant) please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07948 570815 for more details.  


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