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The darker side of facial recognition technology

The darker side of facial recognition technology

Technology has its place in society but sometimes the technology it too intrusive and not for the greater good.

Threatens individual and societal privacy

The threat to individual privacy is a significant downside of facial recognition technology. People don’t like having their faces recorded and stored in a database for unknown future use.

Privacy is such a big issue last year there was much controversy over facial recognition being used on King's Cross, and the images of people being taken secretly. In this case, police used video recordings of people using live facial recognition software.

Imposes on personal freedom

Being recorded and scanned by facial recognition technology can make people feel like they’re always being watched and judged for their behaviour. Plus, police can use facial recognition to run everyone in their database through a virtual criminal lineup, which is like treating you as a criminal suspect without probable cause.

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Violates personal rights

Countries with limited personal freedoms, such as China, UAE, North Korea, Iran and Iraq, commonly use facial recognition to spy on people and arrest those deemed troublemakers.

Creates data vulnerabilities

There is also concern about the storage of facial recognition data, as these databases have the potential to be breached.

Hackers have broken into databases containing facial scans collected and used by banks, police departments and defense firms in the past.

Provides opportunities for fraud and other crimes

Criminals can use facial recognition technology to perpetrate crimes against innocent victims too. They can collect individuals’ personal information, including imagery and video collected from facial scans and stored in databases, to commit identity fraud.

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